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new year, new knitting

Happy 2011 to you! I actually did manage to get Guernsey Wrap off of the needles by midnight last night, and then I was fast asleep. I need to take a picture of it against a white background so you can see the true color.

I’m not making any knitting related resolutions because I’m not big on resolutions. Plus I know if I make one I will no doubt break it and disappoint myself. I will try to stick to the not buying yarn idea though. We’ll see how well THAT goes. One thing I do want to do is find a hat pattern that will fit my sons large head. I should do that this month.

I’ve decided January is going to be winter accessories month-mittens, hats, scarves, cowls. I’ll decide what to do with them as I go. I’ve got a couple of mitten patterns picked out already. I don’t have a real urge to cast on right now though, probably because I just finished one semi-large project. Plus I’ve got to take Christmas down too (I know, right?).

Happy knitting everyone (and crocheting. Why do I forget that?)!

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