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I just read about this on iknit2purl2’s blog. It starts today, so I thought I might as well try it. Maybe breathe some life back into this place.

I’ve got two pieces to get done in the next month and a half- Elijah the Elephant for a friends little girl, and pine forest baby blanket for someone who is expecting a little girl. I had a difficult time deciding which baby blanket pattern I wanted to knit, and finally settled on this one because I think I can knit it up quickly enough, and probably do a hat or two on the side. The problem is getting started. I’ve cast on the baby blanket, but that’s all the further I’ve gotten. Totally lacking motivation. Today should be a perfect day for knitting since its rainy and cool. Its supposed to be rainy all week. Maybe I’ll get something done.


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I’ve let this go for nearly a month without an update. Shame on me! And no picture for this one.

I guess there just hasn’t been much exciting going on in my knitting life. I restarted Amelia but I keep making stupid mistakes. I’ve got a couple of projects for other people due within the next month and a half. I should get started on those.

The decreasing rib caplet is still on needles. That’s such a simple project I should have finished it ages ago, but my knitting mojo has been interrupted by life. Soon it will be hot weather that slows me down. Maybe that will be a good time to learn socks.

Its Malabrigo March and I haven’t done a thing in Malabrigo. I’ve got a sweater pattern that I’ve knit before and I know is fairly easy. I should consider starting that before the month is over. Or the Malabrigo weave scarf that I started in one color an then changed my mind about. Last March all I knit was Malabrigo. I almost got tired of it.

I should get off of my butt and start reading more knitting blogs for inspiration.

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