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A long time

I’m surprised people still pop over here. I didn’t post at all last year. That’s because I didn’t knit anything that I can remember. I think I’ve had such a hard time getting back into because in the middle of my last project, my mom died. I think that created a negative association in my mind. With my dad being sick with cancer, I didn’t want to chance anything.

I started working on a scarf in October. I knit about six inches one day but I haven’t picked it back up since. Not sure what the deal is there. I just get distracted by the tv and internet.

I’ve also had a major moth problem. Some larvae must have come on some yarn I ordered because I’ve been dealing with the things for a while now. I had to throw away several skeins of yarn that had been eaten into pieces. Some of it was for a sweater I was working on and kept restarting. Now I have to get new yarn if I want to knit it.

Hopefully I’ll have some projects to report on this year. I’d really like to get back into knitting.


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