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yarn diet, yeah

So I’ve been trying. I am working on projects that will deflate my numbers, just not fast enough. And the not buying new yarn? Lasted until this month.

I got my first skein of The Sanguine Gryphon! Now I just need to buckle down and learn to knit socks.

I have plenty of sock patterns I would love to try, I’m just hesitant.

Right now I need to finish the decreasing rib caplet, and I restarted Amelia. I’ll try to finish the caplet in the next couple of days if I have time. I have a lot on my plate right now (I save that for the other blog), and finding time to knit is limited. Just as long as I keep plodding along and don’t overwhelm myself, I think I’ll get several things done this year. I’m not going to have ┬ánearly as productive a Malabrigo March as last year, I’m afraid. I’m just doing the best with the time I have.

Happy knitting and crocheting to you all!


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My mind is keeping me awake so I’ve been up doing this and that. I finished decorating my tree, threw towels in the laundry, and I’e been working on my Noro stripped scarf. Its coming along nicely. I should have thought the colors out a little more I think, because in some places its rather muddled. But the current combination of yarns are striping beautifully. I should have it done in a day or so, just in time for more cold (for Florida) weather.

I ordered some Shelter fro Brooklyn Tweed. I can’t wait for it to get here! I’m dying to see what its like. Ill be knitting the Guernsey Wrap with it. The pattern looks simple enough, just possibly time consuming.

Madelinetosh just released a new cardigan pattern called Fall Away Cardigan. I really love the shape of it. I love cardigans to begin with, and this one is so much different than I any other pattern I have. Plus its done in Pashmina, which is lovely.

Yarn stashers, I do have a question for you-how do you store your yarn? Mine is currently in baskets and bags, but I think I need something new for overflow. Can’t decide on another basket or a rubbermaid container,

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something for me

I mentioned the other day that I was kind of wanting to knit something for myself in between all of the Christmas stuff I was kintting, so I decided to take on Porom by Jared Flood. Its a fairly simple hat pattern. Its a five stitch pattern knit over four rows, so it does have that slightly robotic feel to it when knitting it. I’m finally to the part where I’ll be doing the 18-row decrease, which will be a bit more interesting. Hoping to finish it tomorrow. Its knit with Rowan Cashsoft DK and I think it will look great after it blocks. I can’t wait to have a chance to wear it! And I will post a picture when its done. I realized I haven’t posted any finished object photos, but everything up until now has been a gift for someone, and I don’t want them tripping over it on my site, if you know what I mean.

I’ve still got one more definite Christmas knit project I tacked on at the end, the one I mentioned last post. I’m just waiting for the proper yarn to get here. I think I need to draw the line there for Christmas knitting though, especially since its only 32 days away! You really wanted to know that, right?

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late night knitting

I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to knit. I’ve been working on Otto by Ysolda. Its the first real project I’ve done on dpn’s (I KNOW!) so its been a bit of getting used to. Also, I’ve been using Caron simply soft , which is fine for some things, but its tendency to split makes it a pain when working on something foreign. So I finished the head and started the body, but I’ve made so many mistakes from the directions not being clear to me, and from the yarn, so I think I’m going to call this first one a dry run and get some “proper yarn” to make a real one. This is for my mother for Christmas, so I don’t want it to be shoddy.

I find myself wanting to knit something for myself. For the past several months, all I’ve knit are things for other people, which is fine, but I’m a bit of a selfish knitter, so I need something for me. However, along with the bear, and the dishcloths I still need to do, I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. Of course, the dishcloths can be done in no time.

Its Thanksgiving week, though, and that will tear me away from knitting. I need to clean the house, get fixings for Thanksgiving dinner and cooking it. Then its straight into decorating for Christmas. Tis the season to make you go ARGH!

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