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I just read about this on iknit2purl2’s blog. It starts today, so I thought I might as well try it. Maybe breathe some life back into this place.

I’ve got two pieces to get done in the next month and a half- Elijah the Elephant for a friends little girl, and pine forest baby blanket for someone who is expecting a little girl. I had a difficult time deciding which baby blanket pattern I wanted to knit, and finally settled on this one because I think I can knit it up quickly enough, and probably do a hat or two on the side. The problem is getting started. I’ve cast on the baby blanket, but that’s all the further I’ve gotten. Totally lacking motivation. Today should be a perfect day for knitting since its rainy and cool. Its supposed to be rainy all week. Maybe I’ll get something done.


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I’ve let this go for nearly a month without an update. Shame on me! And no picture for this one.

I guess there just hasn’t been much exciting going on in my knitting life. I restarted Amelia but I keep making stupid mistakes. I’ve got a couple of projects for other people due within the next month and a half. I should get started on those.

The decreasing rib caplet is still on needles. That’s such a simple project I should have finished it ages ago, but my knitting mojo has been interrupted by life. Soon it will be hot weather that slows me down. Maybe that will be a good time to learn socks.

Its Malabrigo March and I haven’t done a thing in Malabrigo. I’ve got a sweater pattern that I’ve knit before and I know is fairly easy. I should consider starting that before the month is over. Or the Malabrigo weave scarf that I started in one color an then changed my mind about. Last March all I knit was Malabrigo. I almost got tired of it.

I should get off of my butt and start reading more knitting blogs for inspiration.

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I started working on Bella’s mittens. I’ve gotten to the thumb gusset for the first one but haven’t bothered with it in a few days. I needed something that didn’t require as much paying attention as the mittens do last week when I was taking my dad to the doctor. I decided to start on Cinder bY Jared Flood. Its a lovely scarf with a sixteen row pattern that’s easy to remember. I’m a ball of CEY Ariosa into it and can tell its going to be super soft and cozy. Do I send it to someone or keep it for myself? Decisions.

Speaking of sending things to people, I have a friend with a baby on the way in May! I’m not sure how much that’s going to help my stash busting, but I’m super excited to get to do baby stuff! I know I’ll do a blanket, a couple of hats, booties. I don’t think she’ll need a cardigan in May so I’ll knit her one in the fall.  What other stuff should I consider knitting for baby?

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end of the year

What was that I said about Guernsey Wrap last week? That I’d have it finished within a week? Oh yeah. That didn’t happen. I am over half finished with it though (and it’s not as gray as the picture makes it look). It will be done by the end of the year for sure (since that’s only a few days away). Then I have to figure out how I’m going to block it since I don’t have any blocking wires. Guess I just might have to get some. Maybe the LYS has them.

There’s a mitten KAL in January on Ravelry, but I’m not really liking the pattern they picked, so I may have a mitten and hat month of my own, because I’ve got a couple of mitten patterns I want to try and there are always hats. Always.

I’m trying very hard to not buy any new yarn. I have so much piled up for projects already, I don’t need to get more until I complete a major project or three. I should make “not buying yarn” a resolution, but I know I’d break it!  As is, I need to get something new to store yarn in. You’d think not having anywhere to put it would slow me down, but it doesn’t. I just keep piling it up, or storing it in the closet.

Well readers, I hope you have a fabulous New Year celebration, and of course a fabulous 2011. If I don’t get my stuff together I’ll be spending New Years eve finishing my wrap! Not that it would be a bad way to spend the night.

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