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It figures.

It figures that as soon as I’m ready to start a-knittin’ again, I slice the hell out of my thumb. Its getting better so I think It might be time to start that Christmas knitting. No, I don’t have a lot of it luckily, but I do have some. One I want to do brioche knitting, but maybe that’s kind of silly to try to learn while working on a Christmas gift.

Last year I didn’t knit any specific gifts, but I did do a lot of Christmas related knitting. I knit a big snowman, who is rather lopsided. I also knit a gaggle of little snowmen. They were fun and fairly easy to knit, Except that since I’d just picked up knitting again, my stitches were tight and hard to work with at the start. Plus I used to have a fear or knitting anything small, because it was, well, small is hard, right? No, not so much.

I gave away the gaggle of snowmen to neighbors along with fresh, home baked cookies. Don’t you wish you were my neighbor?

I’ve considered doing dishcloths for the neighbors this year. If I’m going to do that, I’d better get cracking. Only 77 days until Christmas!

Seventy-seven days? Sheesh!


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my infatuation with knitting

I’ve always loved yarn. Ever since I was a little girl I remember feeling the yarn in stores and wanting to do something with it.

I had a weaving loom. Not likre a real deal thing, but a plastic one. I picked out a couple of skeins of multi-color yarn and went to work weaving doll blankets.

I never was good at committing to the big projects.

Years went by and I still felt that pull towards the yarn aisle in stores. Finally in the beginning of 2003, I decided to learn how to knit.

My first knitting book was Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival. From that, I knitted the bookmark, the striped scarf, the long ribbed scarf, the change purse, the beer cozy, and a shoulder bag. Looking back that wasn’t bad for a beginner who was completely self taught. I went on to knit dishcloths and few other scarves, but I never had the nerve to try a sweater. I had myself convinced of that.

I continued to knit this and that over the years. Nothing terribly exciting. Then last fall, something triggered in me. I came across a book called Fitted Knits by Stefani Japel. I looked through and thought “I WANT to knit sweaters like these.” A v-neck stood out to me. It was a top-down knit, and when I read the instructions, I didn’t get confused. I set out to find the Cascade Pastaza it was knit in. It took a little bit of digging but I found it.

I didn’t knit that sweater though, I got some Madelintosh DK and knit the Tea Leaves cardigan, pattern from Madelintosh. I did eventually knit that v-neck sweater though, and I’m sorry to say the yarn was miserable and itchy.

I haven’t actually completed a project in a while. I’ve got four projects on needles. I think I may pick one up and press on with it.

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