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slaving away

I’m still working on the shawl. I mostly work on it when I’m waiting for my dad at doctors appointments, so its coming along, but not as well as it would be if I’d work on it at home. Its fairly close to finished, and I’m looking forward to finishing it. I feel tied to it.

I have an urge to knit a sweater. Its 90+ degrees and I’m thinking about sweaters. Of course, I’m always thinking about sweaters. Deep down I want to be a sweater knitter, but I don’t have a lot of people to knit sweaters for, and a limited time to use them myself. Plus I like near instant gratification that things like hats provide. I’d like to knit socks, too, but I get impatient with that weight yarn.

So, nothing new to report really. Just wanted to check in and keep the blog running. Will be back with my next project.


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I’m getting frustrated with Otto. There’s a part of me that just wants to throw him in the trash. Its boring and doesn’t look very attractive right now. Knitting is supposed to make me happy, but this isn’t. Of course with my life circumstances right now (read my personal blog if you want to know) I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not happy and it feels like a massive fail.

I finally got the second set of Hiya Hiya’s with the larger sizes. Now I feel a little less restricted, and will be able to find a 16″ size 10 when I need it.

As if frustration with Otto wasn’t enough, I’m obsessing about what to do for my next project. Right now a warm sweater seems like a good idea, but I may not even finish it before the weather warms up again. Whatever it is, it needs to be a stashbuster.


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Wooly way

Its a nice cool night in Florida, so I wound up some warm wool to work on a few cool weather projects. One of which is a waffle weave scarf. I started it a while back and its such a pain in the fingers that I haven’t gotten any further on it than about six inches. Six inches I think need to be torn out and started over due to mistakes. Being a perfectionist can be a damn pain in the ass sometimes. Its such a gorgeous pattern. Maybe I should have chosen another color?

Ask me if I’ve finished my Christmas knitting? NO. I still have one more thing to knit. I just have to decide which red is the perfect red to go with the scarf that I’ve already done (that’s a mixture of reds).

I’m really wanting to start on this wrap by Jared Flood. I have some lovely yarn for it, but I feel like I should finish my Christmas knitting before I start on anything for myself. I should possible finish the Amelia that I started several months ago. The knitting really piles up when you fall off the knitting boat for a few months. I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I was unhappy that I hadn’t taught myself lace knitting, plus it was such a long hot summer. I have to admit, the cooler weather tonight is helping. I think I’m going to start that last knitting project for Christmas.



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