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something for me

I mentioned the other day that I was kind of wanting to knit something for myself in between all of the Christmas stuff I was kintting, so I decided to take on Porom by Jared Flood. Its a fairly simple hat pattern. Its a five stitch pattern knit over four rows, so it does have that slightly robotic feel to it when knitting it. I’m finally to the part where I’ll be doing the 18-row decrease, which will be a bit more interesting. Hoping to finish it tomorrow. Its knit with Rowan Cashsoft DK and I think it will look great after it blocks. I can’t wait to have a chance to wear it! And I will post a picture when its done. I realized I haven’t posted any finished object photos, but everything up until now has been a gift for someone, and I don’t want them tripping over it on my site, if you know what I mean.

I’ve still got one more definite Christmas knit project I tacked on at the end, the one I mentioned last post. I’m just waiting for the proper yarn to get here. I think I need to draw the line there for Christmas knitting though, especially since its only 32 days away! You really wanted to know that, right?

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Its a start

Last night was another night of no sleep for me. I’ve got too many projects and worries hanging over my head that sometimes I just can’t settle down. Personal problem, I know.

This night, instead of playing on the computer, I broke out the needles, grabbed some yarn and got started on one of my Christmas gifts. And its nearly finished! Its a simple k1p1 rib scarf so it should be quick, but I figured I would fall asleep for sure. If I keep up at this rate I can probably get everything done in less than a week. That is, once all of the yarn arrives. Still thinking dishcloths (and cookies of course) for neighbors. One plain, and one Christmas, maybe.

I feel good about getting this blog started! Finally!

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