something for me, part 2

I finished up Porom and blocked it, according to directions. I think I liked it better before it was blocked. Its all saggy now, and doesn’t fit my head snugly at all. Still, I guess its a nice hat. I would knit it again. And maybe not block it the next time. The yarn, Rowan Cashsoft DK, was wonderful to work with.

I bought a skein of Dream In Color Groovy, which is their bulky yarn. I don’t know if I bought it with a pattern in mind, or figuring I’d find a pattern. I’ve got to get better about that! I should not buy yarn unless I have a specific pattern for it. Then I won’t have so much random yarn I don’t know what to do with.

The yarn for Otto take 2 arrived today. I really should jump on that. I’ve made that my first priority, and its been hard to not cast on something else that would steal my attention. I was really wanting to start Springtime Bandit but managed to hold myself off. Besides, I really should finish up Amelia since its been on needles for months, but none of that is happening until Otto take 2 is complete. But still, that evil little voice in the back of my head is begging me to cast something else on. I could do dishcloths for neighbors and use up some of that extra yarn.

What’s going on in your world, knitters? What’s on your needles? What are you dying to knit? Or crochet? I’ve got lots in the dying to knit department, but it will wait! Happy knitting!


something for me

I mentioned the other day that I was kind of wanting to knit something for myself in between all of the Christmas stuff I was kintting, so I decided to take on Porom by Jared Flood. Its a fairly simple hat pattern. Its a five stitch pattern knit over four rows, so it does have that slightly robotic feel to it when knitting it. I’m finally to the part where I’ll be doing the 18-row decrease, which will be a bit more interesting. Hoping to finish it tomorrow. Its knit with Rowan Cashsoft DK and I think it will look great after it blocks. I can’t wait to have a chance to wear it! And I will post a picture when its done. I realized I haven’t posted any finished object photos, but everything up until now has been a gift for someone, and I don’t want them tripping over it on my site, if you know what I mean.

I’ve still got one more definite Christmas knit project I tacked on at the end, the one I mentioned last post. I’m just waiting for the proper yarn to get here. I think I need to draw the line there for Christmas knitting though, especially since its only 32 days away! You really wanted to know that, right?

late night knitting

I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to knit. I’ve been working on Otto by Ysolda. Its the first real project I’ve done on dpn’s (I KNOW!) so its been a bit of getting used to. Also, I’ve been using Caron simply soft , which is fine for some things, but its tendency to split makes it a pain when working on something foreign. So I finished the head and started the body, but I’ve made so many mistakes from the directions not being clear to me, and from the yarn, so I think I’m going to call this first one a dry run and get some “proper yarn” to make a real one. This is for my mother for Christmas, so I don’t want it to be shoddy.

I find myself wanting to knit something for myself. For the past several months, all I’ve knit are things for other people, which is fine, but I’m a bit of a selfish knitter, so I need something for me. However, along with the bear, and the dishcloths I still need to do, I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. Of course, the dishcloths can be done in no time.

Its Thanksgiving week, though, and that will tear me away from knitting. I need to clean the house, get fixings for Thanksgiving dinner and cooking it. Then its straight into decorating for Christmas. Tis the season to make you go ARGH!

impulse yarn

Good news! I finished the last item I will need to ship for Christmas! This makes me feel somewhat better, I must admit.

Recently, Eat Sleep Knit sent out an email saying they would no longer be carrying Madelinetosh’s Mansfield Garden Party colorway due to changes in the colorway, or it being discontinued, something. Whatever it was they were wanting to sell off the rest of their stock. I’d been hoping they would get some in because I really liked the colors, even though I’m not a huge variegated yarn fan. Anyway, they didn’t have any worsted, or sock, but they had Pashmina. I happily snatched up two skeins. When it arrived , it wasn’t nearly the colors I’d expected it to be-its much brighter as opposed to the pastels I was thinking it would be. Either way, its still a pretty yarn. The yarn info is:

75% Merino /15% Silk /10% Cashmere
5.5-6 sts/inch (US 3-5)
360 yards

I looked up Pashmina on Ravelry and its used in so many different kinds of projects. I’m thinking of doing Shaelyn, but would be open to any other suggestions you might have that would use up more of the yarn. Just don’t tell me socks because I don’t know how to knit those yet!

So this is me, knitters, asking you for suggestions as to what I should do with my impulse yarn. Any ideas?

Wooly way

Its a nice cool night in Florida, so I wound up some warm wool to work on a few cool weather projects. One of which is a waffle weave scarf. I started it a while back and its such a pain in the fingers that I haven’t gotten any further on it than about six inches. Six inches I think need to be torn out and started over due to mistakes. Being a perfectionist can be a damn pain in the ass sometimes. Its such a gorgeous pattern. Maybe I should have chosen another color?

Ask me if I’ve finished my Christmas knitting? NO. I still have one more thing to knit. I just have to decide which red is the perfect red to go with the scarf that I’ve already done (that’s a mixture of reds).

I’m really wanting to start on this wrap by Jared Flood. I have some lovely yarn for it, but I feel like I should finish my Christmas knitting before I start on anything for myself. I should possible finish the Amelia that I started several months ago. The knitting really piles up when you fall off the knitting boat for a few months. I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I was unhappy that I hadn’t taught myself lace knitting, plus it was such a long hot summer. I have to admit, the cooler weather tonight is helping. I think I’m going to start that last knitting project for Christmas.



on knitting and yarn

I really feel like I’ve regained my focus when it comes to knitting. I’ve completed half of my Christmas knitting. I’m still up in the air about knitting dishcloths for neighbors. I know Lily and Cream is readily available, but I don’t alway find colors that I like. I’m hoping to find some different cotton yarn to use. Any suggestions?

I got this lovely Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in Isadora from Eat Sleep Knit. It looks like the yarn was soaked in a beautiful red wine. I plan on using it to knit up Mara with it. I haven’t done a lot of shawl knitting, so this one looks like a good one to do.

I haven’t had the faith in my ability or the nerve to take on many of the projects that I want to knit. That’s why I have so much of a stash and so few knitting projects actually completed (unless we’re talking scarves). I’ve just got to get past that. I’ve never knit socks, I’ll admit that right now. The reason? I’m afraid of screwing it all up (perfectionist much? Yes I am). I mean, its not the end of the world when you screw up knitting. It can always be frogged and started over. I know this, but I still can’t get it through my thick skull.

You know, one of these days I’ll be a bit less thick headed and thin skinned and I’ll be an unstoppable knitter. I’ll have finished projects coming out of my ears!

The monster stash

I have A LOT of yarn, as many or you knitters probably do. I have two overflowing baskets and a bunch stuffed into a hanging shelf unit in my closet. A lot of it I bought for specific projects, but a lot of it, I don’t remember why I ordered it. What am I going to do with two skeins of Malabrigo in a random blue?

Sometimes I got yarn for a project, but found better yarn and got that too. I’ve got yarn that I don’t really like anymore that I bought over a year ago. I’ve got to do something to get rid of some of this stuff.

I think my stash is holding me back because I feel like I should knit all the way through it before I get more yarn to start a new project because I’ll possibly forget what it was for. Or I get it and it adds so much more to the stash that I’m now frustrated because theres so. much. yarn. I’m a bit of a tidy freak, too, so I want it all stacked and organized neatly.

This really shouldn’t be a problem for me, should it? I should want to spread all of my yarn out on the floor and roll around in it. I should be inspired daily to knit like a fool. Yet I’m afraid to embark on projects because of all of the new projects that will introduce themselves to me. Ugh.

Its a start

Last night was another night of no sleep for me. I’ve got too many projects and worries hanging over my head that sometimes I just can’t settle down. Personal problem, I know.

This night, instead of playing on the computer, I broke out the needles, grabbed some yarn and got started on one of my Christmas gifts. And its nearly finished! Its a simple k1p1 rib scarf so it should be quick, but I figured I would fall asleep for sure. If I keep up at this rate I can probably get everything done in less than a week. That is, once all of the yarn arrives. Still thinking dishcloths (and cookies of course) for neighbors. One plain, and one Christmas, maybe.

I feel good about getting this blog started! Finally!

Wordless Wednesday

who would have thought

It figures.

It figures that as soon as I’m ready to start a-knittin’ again, I slice the hell out of my thumb. Its getting better so I think It might be time to start that Christmas knitting. No, I don’t have a lot of it luckily, but I do have some. One I want to do brioche knitting, but maybe that’s kind of silly to try to learn while working on a Christmas gift.

Last year I didn’t knit any specific gifts, but I did do a lot of Christmas related knitting. I knit a big snowman, who is rather lopsided. I also knit a gaggle of little snowmen. They were fun and fairly easy to knit, Except that since I’d just picked up knitting again, my stitches were tight and hard to work with at the start. Plus I used to have a fear or knitting anything small, because it was, well, small is hard, right? No, not so much.

I gave away the gaggle of snowmen to neighbors along with fresh, home baked cookies. Don’t you wish you were my neighbor?

I’ve considered doing dishcloths for the neighbors this year. If I’m going to do that, I’d better get cracking. Only 77 days until Christmas!

Seventy-seven days? Sheesh!