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my infatuation with knitting

I’ve always loved yarn. Ever since I was a little girl I remember feeling the yarn in stores and wanting to do something with it.

I had a weaving loom. Not likre a real deal thing, but a plastic one. I picked out a couple of skeins of multi-color yarn and went to work weaving doll blankets.

I never was good at committing to the big projects.

Years went by and I still felt that pull towards the yarn aisle in stores. Finally in the beginning of 2003, I decided to learn how to knit.

My first knitting book was Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival. From that, I knitted the bookmark, the striped scarf, the long ribbed scarf, the change purse, the beer cozy, and a shoulder bag. Looking back that wasn’t bad for a beginner who was completely self taught. I went on to knit dishcloths and few other scarves, but I never had the nerve to try a sweater. I had myself convinced of that.

I continued to knit this and that over the years. Nothing terribly exciting. Then last fall, something triggered in me. I came across a book called Fitted Knits by Stefani Japel. I looked through and thought “I WANT to knit sweaters like these.” A v-neck stood out to me. It was a top-down knit, and when I read the instructions, I didn’t get confused. I set out to find the Cascade Pastaza it was knit in. It took a little bit of digging but I found it.

I didn’t knit that sweater though, I got some Madelintosh DK and knit the Tea Leaves cardigan, pattern from Madelintosh. I did eventually knit that v-neck sweater though, and I’m sorry to say the yarn was miserable and itchy.

I haven’t actually completed a project in a while. I’ve got four projects on needles. I think I may pick one up and press on with it.


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